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photo:Paul in High School        Schoo</font>
Paul in High School


photo;l Paul, mother and brothers
With his Mother, Viginia, & Brothers, Jim and Peter, 1965

photo; paul and proclamation
During the July 11th'99 benefit for him at the Great American Music Hall (SF),Paul received a proclamation from SF City Hall annoucing that , from then on, July 11th will be 'Paul Pena Day' in San Francisco.


photo; Paul and his Dad playing at Clrion Music, January2000
Paul & his Father, Jack, play together at Clarion Music during Paul's 50th Birthday Celebraton in Jan. 2000.


photo:Paul and his Parents at Clarion Music during his 50th Birthday celebration
With his parents, Virginia & Jack, before the performance at Clarion Music.




photo: Paul and Kongar-ol Ondar and company having a party at Paul's house in Jan 2000
After riding on horseback in the Tournament of Roses Parade, New Year's Day 2000, Kongar-ol Ondar and the 'Eagles of Tuva' came up to SF for a re-union with Paul and company. The party went on for hours--much of it spent singing and playing music--both Tuvan and the Blues.


photo: Paul & his cat Lyuba at the Jan 2000 party with the Tuvans
At the Tuvan re-union with his cat, Lyuba.



photo; Paul with K>O> and the Eagles of Tuva at the Roxie theatre after a screeening of Genghis Blues
During their visit in Jan. 2000, K.O. and the 'Eagles of Tuva' played two shows with Paul. Here, they're at the Roxie Theatre (SF) after a screening of Genghis Blues.


photo: Paul and K.O. at the Presisio Chapel show, Jan. 6 , 2000
K.O.& Paul perform at the Presidio Chapel (SF) Jan. 6, 2000. Paul's wearing a traditional Tuvan robe and hat that he was given during his epic journey to Tuva.


photo; Paul and the Eagles of Tuva. at the Presisio Chapel show, Jan. 6 , 2000
Paul, K.O. and the Eagles of Tuva
at the Presidio Chapel.


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